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CNN-Reportage über Antisemitismus

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CNN-Reporter interviewte unseren Lehrer Guillermo Piñeiro zum Thema Antisemitismus in Deutschland.

Hier der Ausschnitt:

Guillermo Piñeiro, who teaches Spanish and German at a high school in Essen, said the history of the Third Reich is taught at school, but for students "it's a little more abstract."

Last year, after an incident where a group of students were caught using Jewish slurs in class, Pineiro decided to reach out to an organization called "Rent-a-Jew," which finds Jewish volunteers who want to speak about their history and culture.

"It was the first time any of them had ever met someone Jewish," Piñeiro said.

Der ganze lesenswerte Artikel von CNN-Reporter Michael Kaplan mit dem Titel 'The word Jew was not a common insult when I went to is now' findet sich auf unter diesem externen Link.